Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I'm in Exalted Company, Lucky Me

Last week when I was at my dentist's in LA (yes, darling, of course I go to B.Hills for my dental work), I told him about the demise of my marriage. He was appalled. Chagrined. And sympathetic. And then he muttered something about it happening all over. I didn't question him--because his hands were in my mouth, for god's sake--but I wondered. And now I'm wondering no more. All is clear as headline after headline hits the tabs about famous couples breaking up.

Larry and Laurie David, 20+ years. Anthony and Corina Villaraigosa, 20+ years. Dermot Mulroney and Katherine Keener, 17 years.

Is there something in the air? It's a pretty big deal, it seems to me, when couples split after such a long time together. Your lives are so intertwined. You get the same jokes. You know where to tread lightly and where not to go at all. You live overlapping lives, which is sometimes good and sometimes bad and sometimes just plain blah. But just how irreconcilable must differences be in order to warrant creating the cataclysm of divorce after decades together?

Still, my second or third thought after hearing about these splits was--hey, these guys are now available. Not that I find the notion of dating at all, AT ALL, appealing. When D and I first married, I said, this is it. If this doesn't work, I'm done with the whole man thing. But still, I quite fancy the idea of having dinner with Larry David.

And then there's Paul McCartney, he's on the block as well. I always was a big Paul fan.....


  1. You know... there's a whole other gender out there to explore. And if my 23 year marriage doesn't work out? I'm totally going there.

    He knows this.

    Which is why he's still here! HEH!

  2. Sign me up for Dermot Mulroney.

  3. TJ: who knows...I never have, yet...

    sueb0b: we can double

  4. sueb0b -- I might have to fight you for Mulroney.

    Though I'm rather busy at the moment crushing on Hugh Laurie. I wouldn't want any distractions from my monomania.

  5. That's very surprising news about Mayor Villaraigosa. I would have thought he's too smart of a politician to let his marriage fall apart.

    Your post made me think about the purpose of marriage outside of the context of raising children. Do people stay together out of fear? Would they be happier outside of marriage?

  6. slouching mom: I'll let you and sueb0b fight it out. Hugh Laurie, no; Hugh Jackman, yes.

    cardoza: smart isn't always a factor, is it. certainly wasn't in my situation.

    I'm not sure marriage has to have a purpose. It just is--and it works for some and not for others. I don't think people stay together out of fear--well, maybe some do. But I wasn't staying in my marriage out of fear of not being with someone. I've lived alone; it's comforting and satisfying in its own way.

  7. I couldn't imagine remarrying or dating after being married, but if you do... good luck and make sure to hit 'em in the wallet first. ;)


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