Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Camp Knitque for Girl Crafters....

This is what I did on my summer vacation. Well, on Saturday, actually. Under the pine trees in Elk Grove, I learned to dry felt (or was it wet felt?), which sounds like something I might have done in junior high, but certainly not now that I'm a lady all growed up.

It's a scarf, in case you can't tell. It's roving on silk chiffon with strands of a novelty yarn sandwiched in. I'm not sure whether I'd wear it, but I sure loved making it.


  1. Help...why can't I post comments here anymore. Gasp, so sorry about things with D or should I be saying congrats? Can't tell how you really feel about this thing and just want to send the right vibe from here on the East Coast

  2. cce: are you having a problem with the comments gizmo? I thought you were just tooooo tooooo busy at your summer camp. Anyway, know that the vibe is coming through loud and clear!


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