Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A Dollar Late and A Day Short--or is it the other way around?

And what the fuck does it mean anyway?

Ne'er mind: tis only my cute way of explaining why this post about How I Spent Saturday Night in LA is not being written until the following Wednesday. And, no, it is not because it took me that long to recover. Smart Ass. Kevin, I'm looking at you.

I went to a party. In the Hollywood Hills. Whoohoo! It was at the end of Woodrow Wilson Drive. Does anyone know how long and windy WW Drive is? And how the houses are set back and up. Up, as in 180 degrees (is that possible, I'm a little weak on numbers) with a switchback or two included for good measure. When I saw the walk up, I took off my party shoes and flipflopped my way up the hill. Stopping only once or twice to gasp, loaded down as I was with wine bottles. Having left the chips and dip in the car because, well, because I was on my own, having neither mate nor sherpa to carry the goods.

It was the first annual LA Bloggers party. There is a nifty badge but I've decided that this is to be an unillustrated post. Since I didn't take my camera (what--I should carry that too????) and it didn't occur to me to whip out my Treo. But if you want to see the full monty and beyond, go to LA Daddy, who organized the do. Or Sueb0b, who was there adding to the Red Stapler archives.

I have whined on this site about how lonely the lot of the blogger is. It's a hard, cruel world where your friends and family not only don't understand you--"you blog? what does that mean exactly? But they shun you as well--I don't want to communicate with you along with the masses. Thus, you can imagine the joy of being at a party where almost every single solitary person (and those not so solitary) had blogs. Some even had several (I did notice that there was a tendency among male bloggers to go for size assessments, as in I have five blogs....well, I have ten).

Sueb0b and I fell on each other, having met at BlogHer last year. But other than her/she (and I claim to be an English person?), I knew no one. But the bloggers, we are a friendly group and I felt a member of the crowd in no time. Even if I was only tangentially from my least for a while. I highfived with Sinking into the Pacific and Down With Pants. Exchanged tales of being a daughter with Tara Met Blog. Envied, envied, envied the incredibly flat abs of Baby on Bored. And the bump of LA Mommy. And not House of Prince who had to head for the head to pump.

And then the everglorious LeahPeah arrived, with the trusty Joe by her side, bearing my BonPron, which I promptly put on, causing all sorts of people to say, after talking to me for a while, "is that an apron you're wearing?" Yes, and a bonnet, as well. I traded her my Two Sticks Cammie Bag for it at her Trade a Craft site.

Sueb0b and I crawled down the hill together, leaving Sweatpants Mom and company to crouch by the fire and lollygag in the hot tub without us. If you want to get a really creative version of the evening, go to the above-mentioned Kevin Charnas, whose partner Will's nametag said it all: Blog Widow.

I know I've left people out, but my fingers are getting cramped and I'm getting a bit bored with this list. So if you're not here, and I met you and love you--I'll be visiting your site soon to comment.

S'all, folks...


  1. Hey! I'm sorry, I did leave you out of my post!

    It was great meeting you and the rest of the "solitary" group. :)

  2. Anonymous12:20 AM

    You are sooooo special! Thanks for sharing your Southern Adventure!
    Ms. Lisa

  3. Holy crap. Color me jealous. J-E-A-L-O-U-S!


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