Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Redecorating and all....

I'm in the middle of a spring clean, a massive redo of this blog. Some of which you'll see already. Feel free to offer opinions. As in,
  • Whaddya think of the feed from my Google Reader?
  • And the type face--too big? too little?
  • How about all that stuff floating around at the bottom? It's the technical stuff, like my Creative Commons license (not that I really know what that means to me) and my Site Meter. I'd like it out of the way, but it's soooo big-- the font, I mean.
I'm going to start actually fiddling with the template--ooooohhh, am I bold or what? Or stupid, maybe. But I can't resist. I would much prefer it if I could just reach into this machine with my hands and move things around, but I'll settle for template-fiddling.

This is a character trait--or flaw, call it what you will--of mine. That I can't leave well enough alone. I have to fiddle. Even when danger lurks. Even when I don't know what the fuck I'm doing. As is the case here.

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