Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A Clever Post, by Jane--

--or not. You decide.

I've been touring the blogosphere and am cowed by the number of Really Good Writers out there. They write Very Clever Posts. And they are nominated for--and sometimes win--blogging awards (which seem to be proliferating at an amazing rate...sort of like penicillin...or athlete's foot...or that stuff that's always coating the cheese in my refrigerator). I read these blogs and they inspire me. I too want to write a Very Clever Post. I too want to be nominated for one of the awards. I too want to be able to stand before you and cry, "You like me. You really like me."

Of course, the blogosphere has also turned up an amazing number of Not Very Good Writers. I see why Maggie Mason called her book, No One Cares What You Had for Lunch. Really, no one does. At least, I don't. Unless you're inviting me to join you or dining with George Clooney and Co. I also don't care about the state of your bowels. Or your sex life. Especially if your sex life is impacted (shall we say) by the state of your bowels. Of course, if you write a Really Clever Post about the state of your bowels and/or sex life, then I'm right there for you.

The thing is--I like good writing. I don't care what I read about, as long as it is well written (this is why some cereal boxes have been so enticing). Similarly, I don't care who has written something if it's not good writing. If it doesn't move me in some way: make me laugh, think, feel, want to know more. Take me into your world with your words, and I'm forever yours.

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