Sunday, May 20, 2007

Mememememe -- Take Two

I got tagged the other day by Jennifer over at The Verges for the Four Whatever's meme. I did it last year when I was a Live Journal, but since almost no one ever read my blog there (but the someones who did are very important, I hasten to add), I thought I would redo it. There would probably be a nice compare and contrast essay in it for anyone wanting to look at how my answers are the same and/or different (no prizes though).

Four jobs I've Held
Only four? Jesus, I did that sometimes in one month. I have been a tad peripatetic in my journey through the working world. To say the least. How about four jobs I've held in which writing was the gig.
  • Beat reporter for KPFK Pacifica Radio and The LA Free Press (before it became a porno rag)
  • Freelance magazine journalist for lots and lots and lots of national and regional magazines
  • Production Coordinator of PBS documentary, The West of the Imagination
  • Wrote a book published by Doubleday called How to Get Your Child Into Commercials and Modeling. Yes, I know, sterling title--I called it The Commercial Kids, but Doubleday renamed it. This was the single most disgusting experience of my life. I am still bitter.
Four Movies I Can Watch Over & Over
I mostly can't do that anymore, but when I could it was
  • Gidget, Gone With The Wind, An Officer and a Gentleman, Gone With The Wind. Oh, I said that already.
Four Places I've Lived
  • Pittsburgh, PA - born and raised there
  • London, England - and some other smaller cities in England for short periods of time while I was traipsing after my actor husband
  • Los Angeles - twice, and now probably a third time
  • Elk Grove, CA -the fastest growing city in the US in 2005, the year I moved here. It is a veritable ocean of beige and brown and tan and ecru and chocolate and sand houses. Scary what can happen to farm and ranch land when the developers get a hold of it
Four Categories of TV Program I Watch
Why don't I just give your my current DVR slate
  • American Idol, Survivor, America's Next Top Model, Work Out, Final Cut - I do not watch any programs where they are handing out roses or losing weight or raising houses for needy families
  • The Chris Matthews Show - the weekly half hour featuring four journalists, not the daily scream fest
  • Grey's Anatomy - and I read the blog, which is unbelievably wonderful because each week the writer explains the ways and whys of their script,
  • Boston Legal - hysterical, not to mention funny, provocative, political, and did I say makes me LOL?
Four Places I've Been To On Holiday
...or vacation as we in American like to call it.
  • Majorca - playground of the common European
  • Paris - je t'aime
  • Sag Harbor - my cousin takes a house there every summer and when I go, I get to pretend I am in the playground of the uncommon New Yorker
  • Texas - I once honkytonked my way from San Antonio to the Texas border, and then on to LA. George Strait on the radio. Long neck in hand. Wanted to bring back a cowboy. Failed.
Four Favorite Dishes
These are what I like to call my Dying Convict's Meal. In other words, they're what I'd order the night before my execution.
  • Whole lobster, maybe a 4 pounder, with drawn butter
  • Garlic fries or baked potato with sour cream
  • Heirloom Tomatoes mixed with chopped sweet onion, Balsamic vinegar and crusty fresh bread
  • Profiteroles - some with ice cream, some with whipped cream
Four Sites I Visit Daily
I have an ever-growing list on Google Reader, so whoever has updated gets a visit from me.

Four Places I'd Rather Be
I'm working on mindfulness, so I am right where I want to be at this moment. Even if I'm really not so much.

Rather than tag four more people, I'll leave this up to you. If you want to do this Meme, let me know and I'll tag you in an update.


  1. Simon7:58 AM

    Mindfulness, eh?

  2. Why would you leave when it became a porno rag? Isn't that when the real fun starts?

  3. simon: yes, mindfulness--are you a practicer or a poopoo-er?

    queen: nah...this was hard core, mainly ads

  4. A practitioner.
    Who would have guessed?

  5. What's the blog for Grey's anatomy. Also, I can't believe how many of the same shows we watch. Except, I do watch the handing out of roses. Can't wait to see the finale tonight.


  6. What's the blog for Grey's anatomy. Also, I can't believe how many of the same shows we watch. Except, I do watch the handing out of roses. Can't wait to see the finale tonight.


  7. Crap, sorry for the double post. I did only hit it once.


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