Tuesday, May 08, 2007

OCD & Me

I am cleaning out my filing cabinet for reasons that shall remain private, but not the least of which is because it overfloweth. With shit that I've saved. Or, in some cases, that my mother, now dead these past six years, saved. Which also included stuff my long emparidised father (which is how he referred to his father at his Bar Mitzvah) saved. But I've told you all that before, haven't I. Or some of it, anyway.

So I am cleaning out my filing cabinet and here's my problem: file colors. What should they be? Or, actually, should they be? I have a masterfiler box of those army green ones that are ubiquitous. But at some point, I got a tad daring. And went with color. At Lehigh, I had red. My psych stuff is in dark blue. And sometime between those colors, I bought a box of multi-colored. For no reason. Because they were pitty, pitty, pitty.

[A Note: what's with all these phrases, these non-clausal clauses? Can I not. Write a Full. Sentence. With correct, like, ah, punctuation.]

Consequently, my file drawers are a mishmash. They are a color catastrophe. They make my retinas hurt, and they confuse my already beleaguered frontal lobe.

Any suggestions????


  1. I once had a box of "custom" hanging folders - a deep almost maroon red. I'm also a fan of the dark tan hanging folders with the maroon file folders inside.

  2. Here's what ya do for both organization and OCD: forget about the color of the file and actually put color coded labels/tabs on the file.
    Then you can have a rainbow of files folders and color coded file folder tabs.

  3. Ok. Yeah. Once again you make me feel like an absolute loser as a writer. You are just too funny. Bitch. ;)

  4. love monkey: oy--don't even suggest such a thing. The idea of color coordinating my file folders--and such enticing shades too--is almost more than I can resist.

    natalie: I thought of that, but now I'm leaning toward blocks of color, not associated with anything but just 'cause.

    queen: humor is in the eye of the beholder...just think of who laughs when you hit your funnybone.


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