Tuesday, April 10, 2007

On hubris, being chuffed, and my continued conflict with fear

All we have to fear is fear itself. I think ole Winnie said that. Or maybe Stalin. Or one of them guys who were ruling the world in the last century.

I beg to differ. Fear itself is a fearsome thing. It can roar up and bite you in the butt. It can scald your innards with poisonous gases. It can paralyze an otherwise relatively normal human being trying to go around her life.

To wit: I could go on ad nauseum and infinitum with these cunning rhetorical twists and turns, all to avoid telling you what I set out to say.

Which is: Yesterday I got an email via my Flickr account from a guy at a gallery in Georgia in which he said they are having a show next month on documentation and distortion, and he thought I should enter.

If I could breathe, I would say more--.



  1. The fear itself quote us actually from FDR. And I wish you luck in the Georgia show...exciting and proof that this blogging thing can open doors.


    Ok, that wasn't very ladylike of me, but DAMN WOMAN! Oh my fucking word my inner Tourette's patient is coming out. You are going to enter, right?


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