Thursday, December 11, 2008

Still Futzing with the Template

Can you tell? Probably not, unless you're refreshing frequently. Or were hovering over ByJane about 6:30 this morning. But that would be 9:30 East coast time, so maybe you were. Or maybe I'm delusional.

Yes, I got out of bed in what is to me the wee small hours to futz with my template. I cannot help myself. It makes me feel like I'm achieving things. It gives me a purpose in life, a something to do NOW, IMMEDIATELY. Because I know that the reason my stats are so puny is that my blog is more than relatively unattractive. It has nothing to do with what or when I post, I'm sure of that, because my words--they're always pearls, right? So I'm convinced that there is a blog design that will suddenly--hail all and eureka!--cause the heavens to part and the multitudes to reign (or is that rain?) down on ByJane. Complete with winning comments.



Oh yes, you wanted to see my hair. Okay:Here I am shorn.

And off I go, to futz again.


  1. But your hair looks great in that photo!

  2. Ann Tracy: As does yours--and I notice we've used similar settings for our self-portraits. Except you know the trick of facing front and not having the camera in the way. Will you share?

  3. What's with all the pics in the bathroom, ladies? Am I missing out on yet another of the latest in blog trends? Well, I guess I'm off to get my hair done.

    And clean the bathroom for my close-up!

  4. NGIP: That's where true ladies hold their salons.

  5. I'm just impressed that you know how to futz with your template. I need tech support for anything beyond posting. And I'm also no good with hair. I'll stick to the writing and suffer my miserable stats and some pretty limp hair days

  6. cce: but just think of the wonders you do in the garden.

  7. Anonymous1:21 PM

    Oh, good grief, girl. After your wailing about your last cut, I was expecting Medusa! You look FINE! (Love the streak!)


  8. Anonymous12:05 PM

    Love the hair!

  9. Anonymous8:17 PM

    Hairs great and I love the simplicity and elegance of your site!


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