Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Heppy New Year (which is better than Hippy New Year)

Everyone I've read today is doing retrospective posts. They are fine pieces of writing, florid at times (and at times, not) that offer substantial summing up of 2008 (and at times, don't).

Don't worry: I have no such offering here.

I'm not one for looking back--or for that matter, forward. It's enough for me to concentrate on just what is right now. How absolutely, awfully, disgustingly Zen of me. Not to mention only true for this precise moment.

So at this precise moment, I'm feeling quite content with my lot in life, such as is it, ta dum ta dum. Here's what I'm liking, at this precise moment:

1. I FINALLY found the absolutely perfect template for MidLifeBloggers. It is installed--sort of. That means, that not all parts of it are operational, but they will be soon if not sooner.

2. This, the finding and installing of the template, is an excellent thing because until I did, I was ready to shitcan the entire site. IT WOULD NOT DO WHAT I WANTED IT TO. Not to mention that IT WAS STARTING TO BORE ME. And if it bored me, its mama, just imagine what it was doing to the rest of the world. But the thing was, I just didn't care. Because I COULD NOT GET THE SITE TO DO WHAT I WANTED IT TO. But now I can and, ergo, we're in business again. Sans orange...or as one of our regulars said, "so you've folded the orange tent." Yes, I have.

3. I'm feeling at peace with who I am, for the first time in I don't know when. How long this will last, I'm not sure. Just mark that on December 31st, 2008, I liked me.

4. Here's a pitcher of Julie, Max, and Brit on the boat fishing. Notice the life jackets, please. Julie and Mark (the photographer) are nothing if not perfect parents.


  1. I couldn't bring myself to do a look-back-at-2008 post today, I just wasn't ready yet. Tomorrow I'm going to try to at least close the books on December, and I'm thinking I might spend the whole month of January wrapping up 2008 and projecting forward into 2009. I like your approach, thinking about what you like at this moment. And duly noted, 12/31/08, Jane liked Jane. Best wishes for more moments like that in 2009!

  2. Here's hoping that peace continues on into 2009!

  3. Gosh I'm jealous of your contentment and I'm happy for you...truly happy for you. That's my which for everyone I know in '09, that's it's better, even if '08 wasn't all that bad. So I'm glad you've started it off in the right mental space. Peace with one's self if essential.

  4. Oops...that's my wish, not my which. But you know what I mean.

  5. That's a GREAT photo! Love it! And I'm quite happy you find yourself happy and content.

  6. I didn't do any look back posts either. I felt that I didn't have time to look back. So much to do now and tomorrow.

  7. Love the new look at midlifebloggers. Good job!

    And I hope your contentment lasts well past this next year : )

  8. Hi... yeah I agree completley, let the media do the look back stuff. Why focus on the past, when there is so much ahead! I'm glad that you like you because I do too!


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