Thursday, December 07, 2006

On the Seventh Day of Christmas......

I'm apologizing like mad for having blown the fifth and sixth days' posts. So much for promises to have my own December BloPo. But my excuses may prove interesting, if not amusing, if only I can word them in the right way.

Day Five was Tuesday, and Tuesday was's Mandate for Change Campaign Kickoff. You didn't know about this? Then you are under thirty and have never flexed your political muscles for the progressive cause. I, on the other hand, am way past thirty and marched in my first demonstration back in the Sixties. I have belonged to since it first started, as a grass roots movement telling Congress to Move the Fuck On From This Impeachment Bullshit and Deal with the Real Problems of the Country. Now they're a viable presence on the political scene and as far as I'm concerned, the only real hope for those of us who are Blue.

So when they asked me (and thousands of others) to host their Mandate for Change Campaign Kickoff, I signed on. Thus, Tuesday was a day filled with all the stuff that one has to do when one is expecting guests and one is not a person of regular tidiness. D. vacuumed and I transferred all the holiday shit, unopened mail, newspapers, and magazines that were mounding on the dining room table to their proper areas: under the piano and in the garbage. I also wiped the crumbs of a thousand meals off the table, so that it would be pristine for the several handouts that MoveOn ordered me to have ready. MoveOn is nothing if not anal about readiness and they prepare scripts that account for all exigencies. Thus, I had a number of downloads to print out in numbers that would be sufficient for my group.

Since my RSVPs were hovering around 15, I opted to print for 20. After the first load, for no known reason, my printer got pissed off at the computer (or visa versa) and the two refused to communicate. Oh, and did I mention that earlier that day I realized that my primary email address had gotten no mail since November 27? I was, as we say in the shtetl, fatoosted. And one cannot write a decent BloPo when one is fatoosted. So that was Day Five--and by the way, that was the magic number of people who showed up for the Kickoff. Anyone want some scrap paper?????

Day Six was yesterday and yesterday I had a three hour lunch with a friend from the old place of work. To fit the three hours into her schedule, which is still manic, we had to meet at 11. And you know I'm not the earliest of risers these days, so that by the time I had finished what my mother used to call her Morning's Morning, it was time to get ready. And when I got back--when I got back, I sat down dutifully at the computer, opened the BloPo window, and nothing happened. Zip. Nada. Maybe I was too full of Turkey Ala King over Mashed Potatoes. Maybe if my writing rythyms are interrupted, I can't come, so to speak. Whatever.

My absence has obviously been felt as my numbers are way, way down. So please, forgive and forget?

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