Monday, May 11, 2009

Do you Twitter?

This is a test. All questions will be graded and put into a saucer of milk for the cat.

If you Twitter, why do you Twitter? Hear this in a plaintive tone first--and then in a WTF demand. Both plaint and WTF are heartfelt.

I have been Twittering for a donkey's age, it seems, but now that EVERYONE is Twittering--I'm kinda meh about it. No, I'm not just meh-ish, I'm downright antipathetic. And dumbfounded that anyone would friend Oprah or Demi Moore. To what end? As in, what's the point? Do you really care what bon mots those two women are flinging through the airwaves?

And all this excitement about BUILDING COMMUNITIES ON TWITTER. Again, to what end? Like I don't know enough people from the blogs that I read? I should gather arbitrary individuals to my Twitter bosom so that I can say, "Lo! I am this popular." Well, lo, I have better things to do. Like file my nails. And wash the dog.

Why not just join the Rotary if you're into building communities? Or Kiwanis? Hey! What about Toastmasters?

And while I'm on subject--not to mention a tear and a rant--what is with Social Media going up close and personal? Isn't the point of the internet to be that we don't have suck in our stomachs and wear mascara? Or comb our hair, for that matter. Or wash it? But now these Social Media groups are MEETING. In public. For chrissake. I don't have the wardrobe for this. My Spanx are getting stretched out and my cute little shoes are wearing down at the heel.

Didn't I write this post already? And post it some time back? Is this Early Onset? Or am I just a tad forgetful?


  1. Okay, this makes me laugh because I HATE Twitter. For a couple of weeks I was like "yeah, I'm still hip. Don't leave me behind! I'm signing up." And then I realized I have a life to lead and it's already being consumed by the Internet. AND YEAH, why would I possibly care what the hell Ashton Kutcher is having for lunch? I wouldn't.

  2. Hip, schmip--doncha think?

  3. ha ha ha you make me laugh

    especially about the spanx ;^D

  4. Thank God there is someone other than me who doesn't get the Twitter-Facebook thing. I don't need any more virtual "friends" I don't know. I don't need any more virtual communities. Enough already!


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