Wednesday, April 08, 2009

If There Is No Sedar, Is It Really Passover?

I think not. I do have a box of matzohs in the cupboard. And I plan to buy some gefillte fish with the 1/2 coupon Maneschevitz handed out. But that will probably be the extent of my Passover celebration. One might say that this year I am not passing over. One might say I am moving beyond. And if you are the one who says that, could you please explain to me exactly what it means. Or inexactly, for that matter.

I could get into all the whys and wherefores and ramifications and therefores of why there is not a sedar this year. I do know people who are having sedars. But those to whom I could invite myself to plotz at their table are some 3000 miles away. And despite my involvement in The Jewish Community (caps very important) here in Sacramento, no one was forthcoming with an invitation (and truth to tell, I would have been shocked if anyone had, such has been the success of my involvement with the Jewish Community here). My family, the ones with whom I celebrate holidays, aren't Jewish. They're doing Good Friday and He Is Risen Sunday. Last year I had a sedar for them and they all came and were exceptionally good sports, but I kinda felt like I was on stage and hadn't really learned my lines sufficiently well to say them with conviction. I guess I learned that it takes more than one mediocre Jew to hold a successful sedar for a bunch of Christians.

So tonight in honor of the Red Sea parting and manna raining down upon the Israelites, to commemorate the ten plagues which plagued those who enslaved us verily, tonight I shall be attending a comedy writing seminar. Somehow, I think God would approve.


  1. Anonymous6:20 PM

    God would totally approve.

  2. um, jane... we ate ham and colored easter eggs

  3. ratphooey: I knew you would thing that...which is why yours was the sedar 3000 miles away that I could invite myself to.

    Denise: Oy vey! In for a penny, in for a pound...


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