Tuesday, January 27, 2009


...and that has nothing to do with 'tough' or 'tits' or anything else you're thinking. It is an acronym--aren't we all all about acronyms these days--for Training To End Stroke. Catchy, no?
Other major fundraising groups sponsor marathons; the American Stroke Association trains you to run/walk one.

So how is it that this particular group landed such a die-hard marathoner as moi? Well, you know that ruptured cerebral aneurysm I had six years ago? That was, medically speaking, a stroke. I didn't accept it at the time. When someone somewhere in the bowels of Cedars Sinai Hospital who was doing yet another something to me, dared to call me a stroke victim, "Hell no," I shot back. "I've had a Ruptured Cerebral Aneurysm."

"Yeah," said technician answered. "Same thing."

I didn't argue out loud because, well, for one, I had a multitude of tubes and stuff poking in and out of various natural and man-made orifices. But in my mind--which never stopped working, thank you very much--I thought, No way. Strokes are what old people have, and I'm not old.

So why now am I willing to cop to it? For one, it is six years later and I have matured (although I'm still not old!). But also, well, also it just seemed time for me to train for something.

I am, as I've always made clear, a complete doofus when it comes to things physical. I don't swim because going in a pool makes one wet. I don't play sports, because they make one sweat. And I don't do exercise, because it's just so damned tedious.

Ten, twenty years ago, this was funny. Today, it's pathetic. So in a last gasp effort to master my recalcitrant body, I have signed on to Walk A Marathon in May. I shall be collecting pledges (which means I shall be hitting everyone up). I shall be out in the elements between now and then training. And I shall here be monitoring my every effort.

And won't that be a kick in the pants for those who enjoy watching others suffer....


  1. Very impressive! Can't wait to hear more about it, even the hitting up.

  2. That is a seriously good idea and you can definitely do it. You just have to believe in it.

  3. Geez girl, I had no idea you'd had that experience. I love that you're doing this, good for you! You can do it, the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction will be seriously worth it!

  4. Exercise??? Oh no! Can't you just watch it on TV or something? Because if all my friends are going to start exercising then I'm going to have to. Yuck.

  5. That's funny because when you told me about your "neurological event" I don't think you referred to it as a stroke then either. I didn't put two and two together until you did it for me just now.

    You can totally walk a marathon, and don't forget to post your pledge page so that we can all support you!


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