Friday, October 03, 2008

The VP Debate: Palin and Biden

Yeah, they sure did--debate that is. Well, maybe not debate actually, because--correct me if I'm wrong--but that word actually implies a topic that both debaters are speaking to. And Governor Palin made absolutely clear, she said as fact, that she was not going to speak to Biden's arguments or the Moderator's questions (which, ummmm, again correct me if I'm wrong, are supposed to set the topic of the debate).

No, the Governor was going to say what she wanted to say, directly to us, the American People. Which she did, with far too many winks and nods for my taste, but that's just me. I had high hopes for her when she started talking. When she is serious, she comes off as strong and intelligent, someone I'm proud to have representing me as a woman in politics. I feel like she could kick butt with the big boys. But then her inner Tina Fey kept slipping out and I wasn't sure if I was watching the VP Debate on NBC or Saturday Night Live. When she wasn't channeling Tina, she was good. Except when she was channeling Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality. "Yes, I am for World Peace, Gwen--and see how perky I am and how charmingly I smile."

And then there is the curious thing of her appending the Joe Sixpack name to all Americans. Or was she only speaking to the guys in the audience? What about Wendy Winecooler--is she not deserving of the GOPs attention as well?

Overall, though, I thought she did "not bad"--that's seven out of a total ten for me. I did wonder if her feet were hurting. Mine would have been after a couple of hours standing in 3 or 4 inch heels. And I wish they would leave the baby at home for these late night programs. We get the point--special needs child, integral member of the family--but really, he should be in his crib asleep at that hour. The way he gets handed around--well, it makes him seem sorta like a prop. Ya know?

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