Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Woes of Being a Woman...

...or, Have I Whined About My Hair Lately?

Seems to me that I did an entire blog post on my hair stylist/cutter/whatever they're calling themselves these days. But on checking back, I may have only done half a rant and then ran out of steam. Lucky you.

I will try to keep this terse and pithy.

Finding someone to cut one's hair is, as most women (and men too, if they're honest) will tell you a trauma fraught with wild hopes, much head nodding, followed by some head shaking, followed, at times, by the pitiful thought that It'll grow. Such has been my state over the last two years when I've lived away from LA, mecca of hair people who know what they're doing. I have traipsed from pillar to post, and now from long to short, trying to find a decent hair cutter. I have been to the Alpha and the Omega of Sacramento County hairdressers. The Alpha is not much, if any, better than the Omega. The Alpha, on the other hand, charges by the follicle.

Today I made my third trip to the Omega, SuperCuts. I had the same person as last time. We had a similar conversation, which has devolved to that same pitiful thought.

I would post a photo, but I'm too embarrassed. Let's put it this way: I look like a gym teacher. A transgendered gym teacher. Which, come to think of it, may be because my Omega hair cutter is a person of indeterminate gender.

Not that there's anything wrong with that....


  1. are you going to knitting tonight?

  2. i dunno. are you?

  3. Is knitting some sort of code word???

    But, yeah. I don't let anyone touch my hair. The short and sweet story is I once had violet hair. End of short sad sweet story. Hence I now cut/trim and color my own.

    It will grow but I think you should do what I did, go down to the salon in your "after" state when other customers are there to speak to the "stylist". I found that violet hair can truly scare potential clients. I haven't seen your cut but maybe your "do" can too. You be the judge.

  4. Oy. Just oy. You know, I prefer the "do several shots of whiskey and then cut your own hair" technique myself. The only problem is that you have to continue drinking until it grows out lest the result frighten you.

  5. Oh the dreaded hair cut issue...I don't even know what to tell you except that my elementary school transgendered gym teacher was a very nice person...

  6. sturdy girl: No, knitting is not a code word...she really was asking me if I was going to the Wed. night knitting at our LYS. And I did. And she did. And it was good.

    queen: I'm really impressed with your Oy...see, you can be a Jewish girl!

    denise: It's the look, not the personality I'm afraid of...

  7. Well, if you're willing to travel to downtown (non-busy section where you can find street parking), I can give you the name of my new hairdresser. She's only been at it for 3 or 4 years, but she's nice and I liked the cut she gave me. I've only had her cut my hair once so far, but I plan to go back to her, as she's half the price of my L.A. person. I have two other friends (actually one friend and her mother) that go to her and they like her too. They were the ones that recommnded her to me. The Salon is nice. As in, "Would you like a glass of wine?" kind of nice. It's Salon Severo at 1931 P St. 441-4414. The girl's name is Kim Berkos.


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