Monday, February 19, 2007

And still another FO

This is a couldn't tell?

It is the "Two Sticks Aran Purse" by Barbara Selesnick of Keep It Simple. She did it in white and used two chunky bamboo needles for the "sticks". She also had a chain strap. I did it in a camouflage-y varigated yarn called Jumbo Merino, and took a set of carved rosewood needles that I already owned for the "sticks". I lined it with a snazzy cotton and put a snap at the inside top. And rather than the chain--which was supposed to come from a hardware store (?!)--I did an I-cord.

All in all, I like like it, although it is smaller than I saw in my mind's eye (which obviously can't picture 8" correctly). And the cables don't show up as well as they did with the white. And I can't imagine where I'd wear it--maybe to a disco or mosh pit, where the sticks might come in handy. The next time I go to one.


  1. i can totally comment now. weird. or am i just losing it?
    nice purse.

  2. Anonymous7:00 PM

    love it love it love can pull off a camo purse...i will take you out so you can wear it...;-)L

  3. Anonymous11:55 PM

    Hey Jane,
    Just happened to see the "Two Sticks Aran Purse" on your blog. It looks great!!! I like it in camouflage... and the sticks might just come in handy in a mosh pit!! I recently designed a larger cabled bag. You can see it at
    Knit On,
    Barbara Selesnick
    Keep It Simple Designs


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