Thursday, June 05, 2008

MIA but not AWOL

So here's where I was yesterday: watching Miss Kaitlyn Rose perform Little Mermaid at her dance recital in Mountainview. It was, I must say, terrific. Not just Kaitlyn and the nine other five-year olds in the number, but the entire evening.

I am an old hand at dancing school recitals, having tapped to "First You Put Your Two Knees" when I was just five as well. I did ballet every year until I was fifteen when it became obvious that I was growing TOO TALL to be a dancer, and thus I decided that my calves were TOO MUSCULAR to attract boys. At the end of almost every one of those years, there was a production of some sort. Well, except for the year that Miss Maddy decided we hadn't progressed enough to show our stuff off. She was a stickler like that. Last year I didn't go to Kaitlyn's recital and I heard from other family members how INCREDIBLY BORING IT WAS. Bullshit! They just don't know how to enjoy dance.

There is nothing so heartwarming as watching a group of little kids posturing and prancing to music. And this particular recital from the Harmony Dance Center was one of the best I have seen. Maybe The Best, barring one or two where I was part of the pas de deux and en pointe. The choreography and staging was top notch (not to mention top drawer and hat), the costumes were fantastic (with nary a Jon-Benet lookalike among them), and the dancers--well, they danced their hearts out (trite but true--albeit not literally).

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