Saturday, May 24, 2008

Life Under The Table At Knitique

Molly and I spent a couple of hours this afternoon at Knitique. Usually Molly amuses herself by searching for any crumb of food she can find. Today, however, she had a playdate. In the lower left corner is a black and white mop called Baya. Molly has never spent so much time with another dog, and really, they got over smelling each other's butts pretty fast. I thought perhaps they would do a tear up and down the shop chasing each other, but Baya's mom had TREATS in her
knitting bag. Greenies to be exact, and frankly, there is nothing that will get Molly's attention quite like Eau de Greenie. In fact, this dog, who is usually glued to my side and would prefer that I NOT shut her out of the toilet when I'm in there, refused to come when called. She lurked, instead, in the general area of the knitting bag that that had once held the Greenies. Even when I threatened to leave her, she would not move. She plunked her curly white butt down as close to the knitting bag as she could get and stared at me, with great meaning. In fact, she might still be there--!

EDITED TO ADD: I entered this post in a weekly meme called Camera Critters. You can see the others here.

Camera Critters

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