Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sprint Sucks

Is there a website for that? Because if so, I want to sign up immediately. And if not, hey someone, is so incredibly alliterative, how could it miss?

I have--ahem!--just come from paying my Sprint bill. I am not a happy cellphone user. I would not mind pay the bill if I could use the phone. But I can't. Because, according to all that I've spoken to about this on-line, in-person, and on-phone (landline), I live in what they call a "hole." That is, a place where service ranges from non-existent to spotty because...because...because Sprint sucks and they can't get their signals to my house. All that talk about how many bars one gets on one's cell phone? I get one. And then mid-conversation that one cuts out and I get "Lost Signal." The consequence of this is that I cannot and do not use my cell phone in my house. Which means that I am forced to use my landline and the consequence of that is my long distance phone calls from home are billed. So my landline phone is expensive and my Sprint phone is expensive--and I'm just bleeding money to all these carriers.

Sprint was never my carrier of choice. When I got this account, I was a Nextel user. I deliberately chose them because Nextel seemed to market to adults, who were interested more in service than the sound of their ring tone. But Nextel sold out to Sprint and my contract was such that I had no choice but to go along. However, said contract is up next month and--I'm outta here, guys. Screw you...toodleloo...and fuck off. I wish you had spent more money on improving service and less on advertising, but that would have un-American, wouldn't it.

Am I mad? You bet. So I'm joining Wanna come along?

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  1. I filed a civil action lawsuit against Sprint on July 10th, 2009 at Cobb County Courthouse. On my first go I attempted to use the same address on my Sprint statement, but they said I could not use it. Immediately after, I went to the Cobb County courthouse phone around the corner in the hallway and called Sprint's 1-800 555 1212 number. I asked for the address of the Sprint corporate office right beside Bank of America on Aker's Mill. The Sprint rep on the phone said he did not know it. I told him that the suit was for him. I immediately went to the Sprint corporate office right next to the Bank of America on Akers mill road. I parked in the Bank of America parking lot, walked 30 seconds to meet the Sprint rep on Sprint own corporate property. The man claimed that the address was 3065 Cumberland Blvd. I saw a huge discrepancy with the marquee that said it was 3065 Cumberland Circle. This address (circle) happens to also be in another filing system. I filed the 3065 Cumberland Circle address with the Cobb County courthouse the same day. The serve came back "NO SUCH ADDRESS". I found this out at the Cobb County courthouse. So I went downstairs and the lady said that the 3065 cumberland circle address was valid and that I just left out the word club. So she wrote 3065 Cumberland Club Circle. I went upstairs and filed that one. The serve came back no good although the CObb County police had previously showed 3065 Cumberland Club Circle in their file system

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