Sunday, October 08, 2006

Making the move

I'm about to make the move from By Jane at Live Journal to By Jane at Blogger. I hope my faithful fan will find me.

I haven't done all the legwork. My web site is paid for but seems locked into MoveableType hell. I don't know if I'll be able to get my LJ archives onto this site.

Why am I doing this? I dunno. 'Cause I enjoy making life hard for myself?

Somehow I have it in my head that as long as I'm at LJ, no one will read me (other than relatives and coerced friends from time to time. I want to spread my wings, as it were (does saying 'as it were' signal to you that I know I'm committing the sin of triteness?). Blogger seems much easier and friendlier than LJ.

And too, what one writes on and with is crucially important to most writers. Just ask Steinbeck, who once wrote a whole book on the topic. Or George Plimpton, who created the Paris Review Interviews, which always included details of preferred writing instrument, paper, etc. (I do realize you can't ask these people, because they're dead, but you get my point.) I have long been convinced that it is only the lack of the perfect paper and instrument that has stood between me and a vast canon. All of this is to say that Blogger pleases me in a way that Semagic never could.

So I've moved. And now, here I am.


  1. Wotcher. I do read your LJ blog, ya know!
    I agree about The Perfect Writing Instrument/Surface. It makes an enormous difference to my writing style - if I'm rattling away on this keyboard, I'm very colloquial and verbose. If I'm writing by hand on plain paper, with a fountain pen with an italic fine nib, I revert to 'school' style - much slower, much more thoughtful, and much more aware that Miss Robinson is metaphorically looking over my shoulder, so I'd better not cross anything out!

  2. well, I found you!
    And BTW, I'm a web programmer, sort of. But I don't know all those fancy web tools that some people are using. Only good ole HTML and a little javascript.

    Wait a minute ... Google owns this thing too? Didn't they just buy YouTube? Christ, they're everywhere!


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